Do You Have Credit Score Anxiety?

credit-40671_1280Do you have credit score anxiety? For more than 50% of Americans, this pandemic has put people in a credit score spiral. It’s said that a high percentage of Americans have had to resort to credit cards and other means to help stay afloat or maintain their way of living and therefore their credit scores have suffered. Here at 5280 Financial Group, we can help you, guide you and coach you in getting these credit scores back up. It can take as little as two weeks or it may take up to two months but we can help you with your credit repair.

One of the big reasons you may want to repair and improve your credit score would be to take advantage of these historically low mortgage rates and skyrocketing equity we have seen here in Colorado. Here at 5280 Financial Group, we need a minimum credit score of 620 to help you with your home refinance, a home purchase, a cash-out refinance, and or maybe you would like to consolidate that high-interest consumer debt into a much lower rate via a home mortgage refinance. Why pay 10+ percent when you can get rates in the 2’s. The higher we can get your scores, the better your mortgage rate will be.

Call me at 303.634.2271, contact me here,  or email me at with any questions and or quotes on what you are wanting to improve/do.

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